Shortbelly rockfish (Sebastes jordani) are a small rockfish that occurs over the continental shelf and the upper portion of the continental slope.  The Shortbelly rockfish is commonly referred to as the slender rockfish.  Because of their small size the shortbelly rockfish has relatively little value as a food fish to anglers, but plays an important role in the food chain.   

  Shortbelly rockfish achieve maturation at 6 inches in length and 3 years of age.  They achieve a maximum length of 12 inches at 10 years of age.  The Shortbelly rockfish has a slender, elongated body.  The vent is located halfway between the anal fin and pelvic fin.  They are greenish pink dorsally along the top of the body, fading to lighter color ventrally along the bottom. 

  The shortbelly rockfish responds to the Diel Vertical Migration rises 30 to 230 feet off of the bottom but usually no closer than 100 feet of the surface to feeding primarily on zooplankton.

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