Redbanded rockfish (Sebastes babcocki) occur in water as shallow as 160 feet and as deep as 2000 feet with the greatest numbers occurring at depths from 492 to 1500 feet over soft substrate on the continental slope.  They grow to a length of 25 inches.  Redbanded rockfish are commonly referred to as the bandit or barber pole rockfish because of the prominent red vertical bars.  The color of the redbanded rockfish varies from light pink to red with four darker red vertical bars on the body.  The bars are more prominent on smaller fish.  The first bar extends form the front of the first dorsal fin to the base of the pectoral fin; also there is a dark bar radiating from each eye.  The 2nd anal fin spine is longer the 3rd.  The information about the redbanded rockfish is limited and they are only taken occasionally in commercial and recreational fisheries.

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