Quillback rockfish (Sebastes maliger) are common to the rocky structure associated with the rocky shore or the nearshore reefs at depths between 80 to 200 feet. They are diurnal often rising 40 feet off of the bottom to feed during midday Quillback rockfish grow slowly feeding aggressively on forage fish and crustaceans maturing when they are 9 inches long and 12 years of age. Quillback average 14 to 16 in length attaining a maximum length of 24 inches at 32 years of age. 

Quillback rockfish are brown mottled with yellow and orange. They have deeply incised membranes on spinous dorsal fin and strong head spines.The first dorsal fin has a yellow streak. Because they often are colored with orange or brown mottling ventrally on the head and anterior part of the body they are referred to as the orange spotted rockfish.

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