Grass rockfish (Sebastes rastrelliger) are fairly common along the Oregon Coast as far north as Yaquina Bay. They occur in shallow water 10 to 120 feet deep in the rocky structure and kelp forest associated mostly with the rocky shore and to some extent with the nearshore reefs.  Grass rockfish are nocturnal feeding on crabs, i.e. dungeness, rock crabs and hermit crabs, etc, shrimp, molluscs, octopi, chitons, polychaetes and small fish, i.e. shiner perch, midshipmen and anchovies, etc.  The color of Grass rockfish varies from greenish brown to a mottled dark olive green shading lighter ventrally.  They live up to 20 years reaching a maximum length of 22 inches and weighing as much as 5 pounds.  Most grass rockfish are caught by anglers fishing from the rocky shore.

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