Black and yellow rockfish (Sebastes chrysomelas) are common in increasing numbers south of Eureka, California and only occur occasionally in the shallow water along the southern Oregon coast.  Black and yellow rockfish are bottom dwellers residing in holes and crevices often perching on the bottom among the rocky structure and kelp forest in water less than 60 feet deep but occasionally as deep as 150 feet.  Black and yellow rockfish are prized as a food fish.  They live up to 21 years and attain a maximum length of 15 inches feeding on crabs, shrimp, small forage fish and octopi.

Black and yellow rockfish feed more actively during dusk than during the day and more active during summer than winter.  Anglers enjoy the greatest success fishing for them from boats.  Once hooked horse black and yellow rockfish off of the bottom to keep them from finding shelter in holes and crevices.

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